About Us

Our air conditioner system installation contractor Malaysia provides professional and quality air conditioning installation, professional design and construction services, air conditioner maintenance, air-cond repair and air-cond trouble-shooting works for residential premises as well as commercial and industrial premises in Malaysia, especially in Klang Valley, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. From our years of experience in doing installation of air conditioning system, our air-cond system contractorin Malaysia is able to offer you with cost effective professional air-cond installation and maintenance services. It is our commitment to serve all our clients with quality air conditioner services.

Our air conditioner system installation contractor Malaysia providing general air-conditioner servicing, air-con chemical cleaning, professional air conditioner installation, air-cond maintenance, water leakage of fan coil unit and rectification. Our air-cond system contractorin Malaysia also doing routine check and overhaul of air-cond system, vacuum or flush condensate air cond drain pipe, repair and replacement of air-conditioner components, giving professional advice in energy or electrical saving tips, air-cond accessories and air-cond parts, refrigerant gas level check and topping up of gas and regular contract air conditioner maintenance service.